Foundoc is a one-stop data-driven marketplace that helps dental patients find the right general dentist based on their personal needs and preferences. It is designed to provide dental patients with all substantial factual information and data required to make quick and informed decisions on choosing a dentist. Foundoc either practically eliminates or drastically reduces the need for dental patients to search for information elsewhere or call dental offices on their own. Foundoc takes that burden off dental patients' shoulders, saves them time, and makes finding the right dentist comfortable and confident.
Foundoc collects a great deal of information related to dentists. It includes dentists' educational background, work experience in dentistry, professional affiliations, and in-network insurance company names. Furthermore, Foundoc gathers information about dentists' offices, advanced technology availability, dentist treatment styles, patients' satisfaction, and disciplinary actions. Foundoc collects that information from various online sources, including dentist office websites, patient surveys, and dental claim data repositories.
Foundoc gathers and processes evidence-based data to determine dentists' patient satisfaction indicators (PSI). These indicators characterize how dentists' patients value the quality of the received dental care over time. PSIs include common-sense measures such as how long patients stay with their dentists, how far they commute for dental appointments when other dentists offer similar services nearby, and whether two or more patients from the same family go to same dentists. The primary sources of the PSI data are dental claims and patient medical records.
With Foundoc, data from different dentists can be compared side-by-side. That comparison can be made between two or three dentists at the same time. Additionally, detailed information about dentists and their practices can be found on dentists' profile pages. On those pages, dentists can be contacted through the "Request an Appointment" link.